This is a darn good week for a darn fine salad.  We're harvesting Green Spring Garlic and some truly delectable Red Russian Kale and Spinach for the CSA (and the markets too if there's enough to go around). It feels good to hold onto a few more Spring flavors for the time being.  When you're beholden to a farm four seasons of the year as we are (and thankfully many of you are too), it is a bit more difficult to mark the beginnings and endings as things sort of braid together week after week. That's just the life of a farm, I suppose. Thanks to our crew, there's already a whole lot of Summer going on in the fields.  Over the weekend, they planted out a full high tunnel of heirloom tomatoes, 11 long rows of cherry tomatoes, and 24 short rows of saucers, slicers and sweet lunchbox peppers.  Now the trellising begins...Yep, it may be calendar Springtime, but we're already putting in the Summertime effort, and in some cases seeding and planting some things with next Fall in mind even, which is why the members of our CSA are truly the backbone of the farm and the reason that we are  able to continue.  

BIG thanks to those of you who have signed up for your Summer Shares already,  and an enthusiastic nudge to those of you who are meaning to sign up but haven't just yet--it is time!  We're only two pickups away from the start of the Summer CSA, and we'd love to know who we're counting on, and more importantly, who is counting on us this year.  

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