Take that, Winter: Lovely Purple Daikon Radishes & Sunchokes

We’re back at it this week, and WOW. What a beast February has been, and what an amazing group of people you all are out there. I cannot thank you enough for the outpouring of understanding and kindness that flooded my email inbox and popped up all over social media after we had to close up last week. If your faith in community needs restoring, look no further than the people who are bagging up their farmshares alongside you this week. Thank you for being a part of this CSA.

While the weather was busy being unpredictable last week, we were getting the Spring & Summer CSA Signup info posted online and preparing for the arrival of 75 additional day-old-chicks, hatched on Valentine’s Day <3. We’re already thinking ahead to this time next year, when we hope to be a little less tight on eggs. If all goes according to plan (ha), these girls will be a JV or second string of players for team Wild Hare. Winter time leaves us contemplating many of the “coulda, shoulda, woulda” scenarios like these, given that much of what we’re experiencing in the here and now was set in motion a year or more prior. In spite of the fact that he spent so many days shaking snow from them, Mark is going to crunch the numbers and see what it would take financially and structurally to get a bit more leafy green stuff under hoop houses a year from now as we try to become more and more self sustaining with every year. We have to make changes gradually and affordably, but thanks to your extreme patience and support, we have every good reason to consider what year-round farming looks like for us in 2020 and beyond.

If it didn’t catch your eye on social media, Ashley Rood of Rogue Farm Corp interviewed Mark and I for an article that is part of a series called “Changing Hands” for Capital PressA Full Root Cellar, Hard Earned: Wild Hare Organic Farm. This week, we’re going to pull something truly lovely from that root cellar—vibrant and delicious Purple Daikon Radishes. I’ve been holding onto these bright and beautiful babies for when the depth winter had really set in, knowing that they’d provide a much needed pick-me-up at some point. The snow finally disappeared over the weekend, revealing the snowstorm’s damage to the first round of harvest on the Purple Sprouting Broccoli. Meltdowns come in many forms. Gorgeous radishes help. Sunchokes do too—you can read on about them below, along with this week’s recipes.

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