Frost + Heat Make Winter Vegetables Sweet

One of the things that I love about winter vegetables is their capacity to satisfy my sweet tooth…but with the added bonuses of fiber, vitamins and minerals thrown in there too. Some winter vegetables, like Brussels Sprouts and Parsnips, really come into their prime flavor-wise after they’ve experienced a frost.  When temps drop low, the plants go into defense mode against the cold, sending all of their natural sugars into the roots and shoots. As a result, they become sweeter in flavor, and they roast up like a dream.  So, if you do nothing else this week on the vegetable cooking front, heat the oven up and get your squashes, sprouts and roots roasting!


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The Greatness of the Humble Rutabaga

We’ve had some frosty nights here in the valley, and I barely took two steps off the porch stairs this morning before I wanted to go back inside.  When it is cold like this, I crave things that warm and nourish me.  And while I know that it is probably the farmer in me talking, I happen to find a great deal of comfort in Rutabaga, which is the root that we’ll be pulling from the cellar for week two of the Winter CSA.  I never knew I’d become such a champion of the rutabaga year after year, but I think they’re a humble cornerstone of the Winter diet.  Bit by bit, people are catching on and finding the love too.   I’m also learning with every year what it is that Rutabaga lovers like to do with them—case in point, there’s a treasured recipe for Cornish Pastys that long time members Naomi and Jerod were kind enough to pass my way.  I’m sharing this recipe, and many others this week, so be sure to scroll through.  You’ll be able to do some good cooking and eating over the long weekend for sure!

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